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Second, let me share a few details about myself and how United Extract came into existence. My name is Mick Peterson and my wife is Tammie. Together we have four terrific adult kids, and we are all blessed to have a wonderful extended family.

Over the years I have had multiple back surgeries, and several years ago one of the surgeries went very wrong. A 3-inch surgical screw was inserted at the wrong angle and it pierced the side of my spinal cord; the puncture was at the lowest vertebrae right where the nerve roots exit the spinal canal. The screw was left in place for over a month while numerouse physicians and hospitals struggled to find the cause of my excruciating post-surgical pain. During the this time I was given every different type of pain medication available. Pills, IVs and patches were prescribed but nothing worked. Finally, a determined trauma doctor was able to diagnose the source of the intense pain that continuously shot down both of my legs, and a corrective surgery was performed. 

My corrective surgery offered a tremendous amount of relief, but daily nerve and muscle pain is something that I will be dealing with now throughout my life. I knew I would have to find an effective way to manage my pain in order to continue living my life. There was no way for me to be fully functional if I took the medications prescribed for on-going treatment of debilitating pain.

At this point I was desperate to get away from all of the pain pills that were eating away at my life, and I had to find a better way to help myself. I was already somewhat familiar with the Cannabis plant after hearing from others who were using it for medical reasons. Marijuana is not legal in Texas and neither was Hemp at that time, so I started doing extensive research to see what ways this might help me. I knew Marijuana had a lot of potential, but I have always been "anti-drugs" and I really didn’t want to spend my life feeling HIGH

That’s when I discovered Hemp and starting understanding clearly the benefits CBD offers. At first, I bought some CBD from local vape stores that were advertising CBD, but the results weren't great. I started to wonder if CBD is just another fake-out; is this one more case where companies deceive us with false claims while they make boat-loads of money? The results were so disappointing that I felt really discouraged and I almost gave up.

It was at this time that a friend encouraged me to try some CBD that contained a very small amount of THC. My friend's 18 year old son had terminal cancer and the chemo was making his remaining time miserable. This CBD had provided relief for him in a number of ways, and I wondered if it would do anything for me. IT WORKED! I spent the next several months learning as much as I could about Hemp, Cannabis, CBD and THC, and I am still continuing to research and learn every single day.

After President Trump passed the Hemp Farm Bill, I got busy. I purchased samples from different Hemp growers from all over the United States. I was only looking for high CBD content with non detectable THC. So many farms and businesses out there sell junk, so I passed on sample purchases right away if I even had the slightest bad feeling when talking with them. After a lot of research and a lot of product sampling and testing, I found the right farmer. When plants have the right genetics, and the right extraction methods are used, then we end up having an amazing product that can really benefit and help people.


On a closing note, 

Every day I hear stories from friends and customers who want to share what United Extract CBD has done for them and for their family members. Our superior CBD is why our customers are loyal to our brand of CBD products, and our customers are the reason for our company's success. I will continue to educate myself in this industry, while United Extract continues to create the most effective products we can, in order to help people live a better life.


Best regards, Mick Peterson

My Story

First, we’d like to introduce ourselves. We are United Extract, a family run company made up of people who use the same wonderful products we sell on our site. In fact, we never would have started the company if we weren’t already head-over-heels in love with CBD. We are very excited to offer these products to the public because we enjoy helping people. When you discover what can happen when you incorporate high-quality Cannabidiol (CBD) products into your life, we think you will be in love as well!